Maryland General Hospital is proud to offer a wide variety of classes, screenings and support groups both at the hospital and in at locations throughout the community. Most of the classes, screenings and support groups are free.

All About Parenting
Learn about caring for your baby. Topics include routine newborn hospital care and the care of your baby at home. We also cover safety measures at home and in the car. We provide a snack.

To register for this class, call HealthLink 2000 at 410-225-2000.
American Heart Association Basic Life Support
Health Care Provider and Heart Saver Adult CPR&AED retraining. Contact Pat McCraw at 410-225-8366 or Ke Liu at 410-225-8848 for additional information.
Becoming a Big Brother or Sister
Prepare your older child to become a big brother or sister. Through play activities and story telling, this class teaches your child about a newborn`s behavior, safety measures, and how to express feelings about being a big brother or sister. The class also provides your child with the opportunity to see where you will have your baby. We provide a snack.

To register for this class, call HealthLink 2000 at 410-225-2000.
Breast Feeding Basics
Let our kind and caring breast feeding expert teach you the basics of successful breast feeding. Topics include preparing to breast feed, promoting �latch on� techniques with your child, and preventing breast feeding problems. A snack is provided.

To register for this class, call HealthLink 2000 at 410-225-2000.
Diabetes Screening
Learning about your diabetes is the first step in managing it. If you have diabetes, it`s important to understand your disease and how you can control it so you can lead a healthy life. The Maryland General Hospital Diabetes Education Program offers both a support group and individual counseling that educate patients on healthy eating, meal planning, medications, and proper foot, dental and eye care. We believe that being educated about diabetes is vital to successfully treating it. Please join us for our Diabetes Education Program. For more information, please call 410-225-8145.
Nutrition Education
Our outpatient registered dietician offers individualized nutrition counseling, education, and support for lifestyle modification for any medical reason. This may include, but is not limited to, obesity, weight loss, diabetes, non-dialysis kidney disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, anemia, diverticulosis, osteoporosis, and impaired glucose tolerance/impaired fasting glucose.

For information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 410-225-8035.
Prepared Childbirth Classes
Enjoy learning about the labor and delivery experience. Topics include proper nutrition during pregnancy, pregnancy discomforts, the different phases of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, indications for a Caesarean birth, and care for your newborn baby. The classes are conducted by our certified childbirth instructors. We provide lunch and snacks.

To register for this class, call HealthLink 2000 at 410-225-2000.

Education Center
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