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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities


You have a right to personal privacy. This means you have a right to:

Be asked questions in a private place
Be examined in a private area, with a chaperone in some cases
Be advised if anyone else is there who is not directly involved in your care
Refuse to have anyone there who is not directly involved in your care
Request a transfer to another room and expect feedback on the status of your request and explanations if the request cannot be filled


You have a right to know about your health and what we are doing to improve it. You have a right to:

Know what is wrong with you and what will happen to you because of this
Be involved in decisions about your care
Know what the caregivers have decided to do to help you get better
Know what is involved with tests and other procedures that have been suggested to improve your health
Have someone you trust help you understand and make decisions, or to determine that you are unable to decide for yourself
Know who is taking care of you and what training they have
Know if there is a research study being done, and be allowed to enter it or to decide not to enter it
Know if there are students involved in your care and how they are being supervised and monitored
Not have a procedure done unless you or someone you trust to direct your care is willing to sign a consent form (except in an emergency)
Have things explained in a way you can understand


You have a right to have your medical records and information kept private by your caregivers. No one can see your medical records without your permission, except your direct caregivers and those responsible for keeping medical records and reviewing them for quality control
You have a right to get a copy of the hospital�s Notice of Privacy Practices

Access to Care

You have a right to medical care based on how sick you are, and not on how much money you have
You have the right to receive care at another hospital, if we cannot provide you with safe care for what is wrong with you


You have the right to have your pain managed aggressively and effectively
You have the right to access protective services when needed
You have a right to be cared for in a safe environment
You have a right to see a specialist at your own expense
You have a right to refuse treatment, except when such refusal is against the law
You have the right to a bill that lists everything done to you, no matter who is paying
You have a right to be taught things you need to know to take care of yourself after you leave the hospital
You have a right to request that we contact your place of worship or the hospital chaplain

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

Provide accurate information about your current condition and past medical history
Provide accurate and complete information about yourself (for example: your name, your date of birth, your social security number, and where you live)
Tell your caregivers if your condition changes, as soon as it changes
Do what your doctor instructs you to do
Ask questions when you don�t understand something
Keep appointments or, when necessary, cancel them early and arrange another date that is better for you
Follow hospital rules
Respect the rights of other patients and the hospital�s staff
Keep noise down
Observe our no smoking policy
Keep your visitors to two for a shared room and four for a private room
Make sure your visitors know they are to follow hospital rules
Respect others� property

If you have any questions or concerns about the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, ask your Maryland General doctor or nurse for assistance.

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